Farm Cultural Park

Friday, May 16, 2014
Farm Cultural Park is a Cultural and Touristic Contemporary Diffused Centre, based in the most ancient old town centre of Favara, Sicilian town at 6 km from Valle dei Templi of Agrigento.
Farm Cultural Park
It organizes temporary and permanents exhibits, residences for artists, workshops, book launches, architectural contest and much more. In 2011 won Cultural Award of Management of Federculture and in 2012 it received invitation for XXIII Biennale di Architettura of Venice.
FARM Regeneration is an opportunity for Gela and Lampedusa Municipalities – that have formerly accepted to participate to the project – to undertake a Territory promotion way. Thanks to the artists, designers and professionals’ contribution, it try to requalify a space by participated art process that it concentrates in every realization phases to involve directly town’s people. Project activities will be start, for each city, with a Farm Cultural Park Team’s territory survey, in order to strengthen relationships between institutions and local organizations. With them collaboration . it will be located a location to use as project seat, destined to be regenerate and converted to a new scope. So it will proceed to analysed study of issues and desiderata; local people proposals will be gathered by direct and indirect interviews and online platforms. 
In the end of selection process, it will have selected only one among interesting proposals, in order to be presented to community. It will have starting an operative phase, during that it will requalify assigned place. This will become a cultural and social centre, that it will offer a free space with a payment services for project  sustainability.
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