Distretto Turistico Valle dei Templi

Friday, May 16, 2014
Territory of Agrigento is characterized from Valle dei Templi, a strong touristic attraction, that convinced during POR 2000-2006 years, areas' Municipalities to aggregate around a strong idea "Valle dei Templi- Access point to territory" .
Distretto Turistico Valle dei Templi
It’s born PIT 34 experience, with infrastructural interventions and system actions that included more local actors and development key players, and, later building of two planning instruments (City of Agrigento Strategic Plan and Extended Area Strategic Plan) that contributed to enforce a development idea centred on cultural tourism, based on the various assets’ valorisation, whereof territory is rich.
Integrated relation among historical-archaeological, natural, rural landscape, wine and food assets and commons characteristics of internal next area among Agrigento Area’s Municipalities and Caltanissetta Area’s those, induced other Municipalities territory of Caltanissetta Province to consider worthwhile touristic development policies integration, in order to strengthen places’ identity.   
It’s to notice that thematic related to mining sites’ valorisation and usability, representing a driving thread of development touristic hypothesis in Caltanissetta, Agrigento and Enna Provinces’ internal areas. Actually, in the close examination of touristic attraction’s elements, mining site, its history, its geological structure and its touristic potentially included therein enclosed. 
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