Lega Ambiente Sicilia

Friday, May 16, 2014
From Etna to Valle dei Templi, from Lampedusa to Eolie islands, Legambiente Sicilia is today environmentalist organization the most widespread in our territory.
Lega Ambiente Sicilia
Inspired at great values of  promotion and safeguard of environment and nature, territory and landscape, history, art and culture and to principles of democracy, freedom, solidarity, justice and social cohesion, the organization, non-profit, non-party, pacifist and non-violence, is open to citizens of every political  and religious convictions, which can join it, entering to take part of one of more than 40 club in Sicily.
In Sicilian environmentalist panorama, Legambiente Sicilia, with its voluntary associations, is one of the most active and know organizations for analysis, notification and information campaigns, that constantly describes in detail sea, rivers, protected areas and cities’ state of health.
From “Salvalarte Sicilia”, historical protection and promotion campaign of island and little Municipalities cultural Heritage, to “Cambio di clima”, action programmes against climate changes and in favour to energy saving, alternative and renewable resources, organization engages daily local and global issues, in prospect 
of modernity founded on community interests and on sustainable resources using. 
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