Project description

Beyond any political, social and economic borders, the Mediterranean countries share a common legacy made up of a similar archaeological and architectural assets. To fully exploit the potential offered by this Mediterranean heritage, enhance the management of cultural sites and valorise underrated resources, Archeomed focuses on the development of an integrated regional policy, building on a concept of a “Mediterranean Cultural District”, with a view of promoting shared ideas and initiatives based on a single communication and marketing strategy.

Specific Objective

Valorisation of the cultural resources of the Mediterranean heritage through the creation of an interactive network for the integrated management of underrated archaeological and artistic sites, finalized at the revitalisation of the artistic and cultural heritage and economic- related activities of the territories.

The target groups of the project are:

  • Universities and research institutes working in the field of cultural heritage preservation and management.
  • Economic operators in cultural and touristic fields.

The final beneficiaries are:

  • Local and national authorities responsible for the management of cultural heritage.
  • Economic operators in cultural and touristic fields.
  • Tourists and local communities.
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