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SudgestAid is an Italian non-profit consortium, with State participation, involved in promoting and managing local sustainable development projects, by giving assistance to Public Administrations and civilian populations in troubled regions in Italy and all over the world.

SudgestAid operates, above all, in areas hit by crisis and in communities where development is a particular challenge. Our activities include maximizing human resource potential; socioeconomic and regional planning; evaluating and defending natural resources, whether water, soil, or subsoil; developing and supporting new technologies; restoring the rule of law and social cohesion; fostering the respect and appreciation of cultural differences and equal opportunity.

Our key intervention areas are:

• Assistance in international crisis-hit areas, with stabilization and peace keeping actions;
• Institutional Building
• Local development assistance
• Training Courses for Central and Local Public Administrations
• Inclusive Growth and Private Sector Development
• Political Governance, Rule of Law, Justice and Human Rights, Anti-Corruption and Public Sector Modernization, Decentralization & Local Governance
• Area-Based Development and Local Service Delivery
• Public consultation and participatory, inclusive planning
• Area-Based Development and Local Service Delivery
• Management of water and environmental resources
• Survey and research
• Employment generation, rehabilitation and development of social and basic infrastructure
• Training and capacity development
• Strategic Planning
• Rehabilitation project
• Feasibility studies
• Project Identification, preparation, appraisal and implementation
• Sector studies, regional, national and local master plan
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation
• Planning and programming.

SudgestAid provides the necessary tools and skills to help regional and sub-regional areas experiencing serious difficulties. In particular:

• Areas marked by high levels of social and economic degradation and severe environmental damage;
• Areas where there is a great need to re-establish and maintain the rule of law and public institutions and restore order;
• In countries hit by crisis and in post-conflict situations in which “Peace-keeping” and “stabilization” missions are underway;
• In situations where it is necessary to re-create the conditions required for civic involvement and consensus following a conflict;
• In areas affected by natural and environmental disasters.
SudgestAid’s idea is that real development needs start from the “bottom” level in society and within institutions, and that local people, with their abilities and resources, history and identity should play the leading roles. This kind of development takes time and it requires collaboration and cooperation between the fields of politics, economics, society, environment, culture and health.

Within the framework of our development and social cohesion policy in Italy and our policy regarding development aid for foreign countries – in particular the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Balkans – SudgestAid is intended to act as a tool specifically designed for helping the countries or local areas in greatest “difficulty”.

Our method

The method of “accompanying” progressively allows to make administrators and technical structures able to do everything ‘on their own’.

The method of “accompanying” is not “turnkey”, because the aim is not to replace but to support public structures.

We should not give answers but seek answers together.

The question is not “what we can do for you”, but “what we can do with you”.

Our objectives

- Supporting the modernization of systems of governance through the updating and development of local technical and administrative skills, the efficacy and effectiveness of Public Administrations; aiding in administrative decentralization, the organization of Institutions and their operative structures; strengthening the respect for lawfulness and transparency in public forums; promoting the involvement of civil society and stakeholders.

- Promoting local sustainable development by investing in human resources, human experience and in the local historic-cultural heritage; by programming development activities in respect to the capacities of the territory and the renewability of the environmental resources; by championing human rights and liberties, participation and consensus, assuring equality and respect for different cultures and equal opportunity.

Our organization

SudgestAid is a consortium whose members share their respective knowledge by promoting the transfer of abilities and know-how and by fostering integrated and multidisciplinary working strategies.

The members of the consortium are:

- Link Campus University is an international University, the Rome campus of the ancient University of Malta. Characterized by an international vision of studies, Link Campus University promotes innovative didactics both in content and method, combining a prestigious academic tradition with a modern vision of career-based training under the supervision of the numerous highly qualified and experienced professionals at the core of its Study Centres.

- Formez is a state-controlled association, a legal entity, operating at the national level and responsible to the Department of Public Functions of the Premiership of the Council of Ministers. Formez provides research, training, consultation and technical assistance to central, regional and local Administrations through training and support aimed at developing organizational and administrative innovation projects, improving the quality of services and the effectiveness of policies, supporting the internationalization of Public Administrations and the start up of international cooperation projects whose purpose is to develop administrative systems through the exchange of ideas, experience and “standard practices”.

- Consedin is a company that, since 1987, has been offering consultation and technical assistance to Public Administrations and private companies in two specific areas. One is
information technology: operating in the field of planning and integration of complex information systems; spheres of e-government, websites and web portals; complex CRM systems; technical-systems assistance; security and networking; protocol and document management. The other is consultation: organizing consultations; training; communication; procedural and organizational consultation to Public Administration holders of National and Regional Operational Programs co-financed by Structural Funds.

- Tree-European Environmental Engineering specializes in environmental engineering. Born in Rome in 2000, its aim is to assist state and private entities in governmental and territorial planning of sustainable development and with an underlying emphasis on ethics. Through its professionalism, Tree has developed complex projects and activities of study, consultation and planning in the sector of territorial planning (soil management, water resources management, fluvial hydraulics), the management of complex technological systems (water and environmental services) and in the Assessment of Environmental Impact. Core clients are State and Regional Administrations, State Entities, Supervisory Authorities and Public Utility Services. Tree srl holds UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 certification

- Geocart is an engineering company created in 1995 in Potenza, in the region of Basilicata, whose aim is to respond, in an organized and flexible manner, to the rising request for mapping services of terrain and inspections of technological networks. Today, Geocart develops high-tech processes, supplying innovative services in the sectors of earth observation and environmental analyses, information and communication technology, energy and human resources, by supplying specialized advice and support in creating, managing and inspecting projects both at the national and international levels. Potenza, in the region of Basilicata, whose aim is to respond, in an organized and flexible manner, to the rising request for mapping services of terrain and inspections of technological networks.

The internal structure is agile and flexible and is based on the continuous interaction and participation of all members of the team.

We keep up to date with the latest development strategies and strive to ensure the programmes we deliver and the working methods we use are innovative, while respecting the needs and sensibilities of the territories where we work. This increases the level of individual responsibility, the sense of belonging to the team and the commitment to achieve shared objectives.

Our presence and work in the field are supported by a broad and skilled network of partners and experts in Italy and abroad.

The quality of our work is assured by the “Technical Scientific Committee”, a panel of skilled and competent experts and by a “Conseil d’Honneur” which supports the Board of Directors in their advisory and supervisory functions that is led by Amb. Guido Martini.
The ambassador entered the diplomatic services in 1967, has held offices as Consul General in Marseille, Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Ambassador in South Korea, Ambassador in Morocco and Director General for the Countries of Asia, Oceania, Pacific and Antarctica at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SudgestAid wants spread a culture of peace. SudgestAid's peace’s idea is not only "no war" but also means respect of human rights and acceptance of others in daily acts.
SudgestAid always carried out its activities with a participatory approach, giving an active role to the beneficiaries and involving local stakeholders in all stages of the project development. It involves local partners and experts in its activities with the aim to consolidate their abilities. Every project is designed and managed together with local people that is supplied with the knowledge and tools which allow them to continue managing the project autonomously at the end of SudgestAid's intervention.

SudgestAid’s operational methodology is to empower local Communities and Authorities as key actors for the local development, enhancing the decentralization and building new capacities; it starts from the relief that local actors are representative of local communities and they could better understand, know and mean their needs.

The objective is to guarantee projects of real development; local communities are both beneficiaries and main actors of the projects.

SudgestAid has designed and carried out various programs in Italy, Mediterranean Countries, Middle East in socioeconomic and regional planning, water management, protecting natural resources, feasibility study. It has also carried out various projects in Middle East and Asia, especially in the South of Iraq where has been realized an Institutional and Capacity Building program for Local Authorities and civil society aimed at strengthening the local governance system.

The goals of the programme have been:

- Strengthening the technical ability of Institutions and Officers in Thi-Qar, targeting local sustainable development;

- Supporting Provincial and local Institutions in the decentralization process and in the reorganization of the local government;

- Promoting participatory approach to planning and decision making;

- Developing local capacities by promoting citizens’ participation in public affairs management and good governance;

- Enhancing social-economic and infrastructural projects.

Funded by the Italian cooperation, the intervention is aimed at strengthening the capacities of management and control of the supply and expense procedures of Herat Governorate’s public functional structures.

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