Network description and objectives

ARCHEOMED NETWORK is an interactive reticule of individuals, associations, institutions, research institutes, universities and economic operators who have an outstanding interest in the integrated management of the minor/neglected archaeological sites as a tool for the revitalization of the economic activities of the territories involved and for fostering the archeological tourism.

The network aims to:

·      Promote economic activities related to the minor/neglected archaeological sites, in particular, fostering the archeological tourism through the fruition of sites and creating more economic opportunities on territories with positive impacts for local communities; 

·      Share good practices and policies about management and conservation policies;

·      Increase the cultural, social and economic cooperation among the network’s members;

·      Rationalize the members’ work by reducing duplications;

·      Foster best practices for visitors by encouraging sustainable archeological tourism and minimizing the negative impact of tourism;

·      Improve the links among archeological sites, the territory, local economies and local communities.

The network’s activities include, but are not limited to :

- Keep a web site where members can get and exchange information;

- Create joint marketing materials and tools (brochures, catalogues, package holidays, newsletters, and advertising products) to increase touristic attraction of the minor/neglected archeological sites territory and to increase the economic activity of its members;

- Participate in territorial marketing programmes and projects;

- Publish research, study reports, proceedings, technical directives and organize specialized training regarding management and conservation policies for minor/neglected sites;

 - Search for and spread best practices in management and conservation policies for minor/neglected sites;

- Organize international conferences, meetings and workshops devoted to the promotion and realization of community tourism linked to minor/neglected archaeological sites;

- Undertake and take part in applied research tasks, studies, standardization work, consultations, investigations and projects in order to widen the implementation of community tourism linked to minor/neglected archaeological sites;

- Carry out education and training programmes for the various stakeholders (courses for operators in order to carry out sustainable tourism in neglected minor/territories; Courses for local institution on local development, etc.)

- Act in the collective interest of its members by providing them with the most appropriate services, except for services which could compete with those offered by the members themselves
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